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Water Resources

On territory, of area about 1401 there river and brooks with general length - 6066 kilometres, 26 storage pools by the general area of aquatic mirror 3579 hectare, by volume of water of 81,2 million cubic feet and 886 ponds by the general area of aquatic mirror 5627 hectare, by volume of water 58,8 million cubic feet.

Most rivers of this area (80%) flow in meridian direction on inclination of territory. It’s the rivers which belong to the pool of Dnister, some from them are: Zolota Lypa,Koropets, Strypa, Seret, Nichlava,Zbruch.

The rivers of Dnipro’s pool - Ikva, Viliya, Horyn - flow on a north-east and mouths, they will be nursed outside an area. They have declivous banks, drift, poorly mine-out valleys, swamped back-waters.

The rivers of area have the mixed type of feed. In spring they are filled up by the melted snow waters, in summer - by a rain, throughout the year - by underwaters.

The most river of area is Dnister, flows on a south-west and south and is a natural limit between the Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi areas.

One of the longest inflows of Dnister on territory of area there is the river Seret with length 242 kilometres, by an area of the pool in about 3,9 thousand square kilometres.

The general area of aquatic fund in the Ternopil area folds for 94681 hectare, including: pool of Dnister - 79690 hectare, pool of Dnipro - 14991 hectare. Distribution of river flow in a annual water year presents:

  • o shareable resources - 8,45 cubic kilometers, includes.
  • o swam up to - 6,35 cubic kilometers,
  • o local flow - 2,10 cubic kilometers.


On aquatic resources the Ternopil area is not rich and after a water supply occupies a 15 place in Ukraine. Depending on the hydraulicity of year on one habitant in area of there is only from 1 to 1,5 thousand cubic feet of water on a year.

Besides allocation of aquatic resources for territories of area is uneven. Least fulling of water is Borshchiv, Husiatyn, Zalishchyky and Chortkiv districts. The aquatic resources of area are used for an industrial, agricultural water-supply, private and way of life necessities, energy, pisciculture, recreational aims.

Large harm to the small rivers is inflicted by the very high level of thrown of river water intakes by open, at European bankruting 30-60% in area of we have 75-80%. A general aquatic-ecological situation in area of on the whole requires a considerable improvement. Work is conducted on establishment of bank-protection areas and off-shore defences zonal of the rivers and ponds. Worked out documentation on establishment of bank-protection areas and off-shore defences zonal of the river Seret in cities Ternopil and Chortkiv, rivers of Koropets in to the Subnut, small rivers in other settlements. For money of leaseholders of aquatic objects the set limits of off-shore defences zonal are on the leased rates. 


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